Why Online Survey Sites Are A Bad Idea


So a lot of people that surf the Internet find themselves at one point or another looking for ways to earn some money online.

Some folks don’t actually think that they can earn much money online, and others are somewhat skeptical when it comes to making money online.

However, one thing is for sure and that is, when you start looking at ways to earn some cash online then one of the first schemes that you’d come across is how to make money online with online surveys.

I say this because there is a plethora of online survey companies out there just iching for you to become a member. However, a lot of them are scams, which I’ll go into more detail in a little bit.

But first, the obvious question is …

How Do You Make Money With Online Survey Companies

Well, there are fortune 500 companies looking to improve there products and or services or create new produces and services.

As a result these changes can result in huge yearly profits if they pull it off.

But in order for them to create the right products or to improve their exisiting line, they need to get feedback from their customer base.

So as you can imagine, if the majority of the surveys say that the company could improve their product by making a slight change here or there, then this is gold.

And if they can increase their profits by one percent a year by performing these inexpensive surveys then they are willing to pay a lot of money to do so.

Can you imagine how much one percent of 50 million dollars is? Yep, you guest it – a helluva lot.

The big companies don’t want to deal with screening individuals who might qualify for their surveys, instead they employ online survey companies like Inbox Dollars, Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market just to name a few. You can read some reviews found at Stealth Secrets.

How Do You Get Paid?

The big companies employ the survey companies to find qualified candidates and will pay them an amount for each completed survey.

The survey company then pays the survey taker a portion of what they get paid.

Sounds like a win win situation right?

Most times it is, but there are some flaws with this model. Most of it comes down to who the survey company is and how much they are willing to pay you.

There have been instances where survey takers have not been paid and as a result they just spent up to an hour of their time filling out a survey that doesn’t pay out. Therefore it’s important to only deal with reputable survey companies as these companies are more likely going to pay you for you time and effort.

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